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5 Tips to Help Moms De-Stress

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Stressed Mom

5 Ways that Moms can De-Stress

Running around, chasing after the kids is definitely a full time job.  Between chauffeuring the children to all of their activities, the housework, preparing somewhat healthy meals each night, and balancing a career many Moms find that having it all can be very stressful.  Long-term stress can bring on issues such as health problems and depression making it extremely important for women to understand how to manage high pressure situations before it becomes too much to handle. Here are 5 ways that Moms can de-stress.

#1 Cut down on multi-tasking.

Most moms are overloaded by the endless tasks on their to-do list. Since external demands will always be there, the key is fostering internal peace by finding quiet moments amidst the chaos. Although moms are natural multi-taskers, one way to find more peace is to avoid the temptation to try to “do it all” and instead tackle tasks one at a time, while being fully present in each moment.

A highly effective way to reduce stress is mindfulness meditation, or the practice of focusing on thoughts and feelings as they arise, without judging them as positive or negative. This practice, which has proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and other issues, allows moms to calmly assess problems and come up with solutions. Meditation only requires a few quiet moments, which moms sometimes squeeze in by waking up a few minutes before the kids, and then they’re ready to tackle the rest of the day.

#2 Ask for support.

Modern motherhood is a job too often done in isolation. Whereas previous generations had the support of their immediate families and communities, today’s mothers live further away from family and thus have less of a “village” helping to raise their children. For this reason, it’s more important than ever to share parenting duties with a spouse or significant other, if possible, and to join forces with other moms. Children benefit from having a network of caring adults, and moms are revitalized by the support and companionship.

#3 Manage your expectations.

There is no perfect parent. Still, many modern moms try to be Superwoman and then disparage themselves if they fall short. Parenting is full of challenges, but it’s even more difficult if moms try to control things that are not within their control. Delegate some tasks to your partner and children, do what you can, and let the rest go.

#4 Schedule down time.

Mothers are hard-wired to meet the needs of others. It’s difficult to find a few minutes for themselves, and when they do, they perceive it as time that is taken away from their children. As a result, “me” time gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list.

Since families aren’t happy if moms aren’t happy, personal time needs to be scheduled just like meal preparation, nap time and other daily tasks. Even if it’s only five minutes per day at first, set aside time to laugh with a friend, meditate, talk a walk or do some other relaxing activity.

#5 Avoid drugs and alcohol.

With limited time and resources, alcohol and prescription drugs may seem like an effective, affordable way for busy moms to unwind. But relying on “Mommy’s Little Helper” produces exponentially more problems than it solves.

Stress and anxiety are leading causes of addiction among mothers. Although moms may recognize the signs of a problem early on, they are often reluctant to get help because their families are depending on them.

Families struggling with everyday stresses can quickly become dysfunctional and even abusive when a parent turns to drugs or alcohol. Children who grow up with an addicted parent are more likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol early in life and to develop addictions themselves.


David Sack, M.D. currently serves as CEO of Elements Behavioral Health, a network of addiction treatment programs that includes Promises Treatment Centers in Malibu and Los Angeles, The Ranch outside Nashville, The Recovery Place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and The Sexual Recovery Institute in Beverly Hills.


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