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March 27, 2017 – 5:27 pm | One Comment

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Get up, get moving, get a laugh on!
July 17, 2008 – 9:14 pm | One Comment

As moms we are all concerned with letting our kids play outside on their own, not to mention letting them play in the heat and high levels of pollution. It’s just not like it used …

Taking care of yourself first
July 17, 2008 – 6:48 am | No Comment

Seems like forever since I have shared any information here and I was looking at our tagline: Tips for raising happier, healthier kids. I hope some of these blogs give you insight in how to …

Proud and amazed!
June 30, 2008 – 8:16 am | No Comment
Proud and amazed!

The resilience and strength of my children never ceases to amaze me. My kids are definitely active and generally fit but certainly not super athletes or crazy about sports like some of their friends. Yet …

Summer fun at SMU, PSA and Sweet & Sassy
June 30, 2008 – 8:06 am | No Comment

Yes, I am going to catch up on blogging today! I have been remiss lately. I am on vacation in glorious Estes Park, Colorado, visiting family so I have some free time. I am sitting …

Thank you to Brendan and Deborah of NBC
June 30, 2008 – 8:01 am | No Comment

I usually watch NBC news in the morning. I like Brendan Higgins and Deborah Ferguson. So when I was so upset about the Baby Borrowers show, I emailed them both and I want to say …

NBC’s Baby Borrowers Show
June 25, 2008 – 9:30 pm | One Comment

As the mother of two children, a former teacher, parent coach and publisher of a parenting magazine, I am so absolutely horrified and disgusted by the Baby Borrowers show. I don’t know if you watched …

Summer Camp at PSA, Plano Sports Authority
June 18, 2008 – 5:08 pm | No Comment

As a single mother of two children, works full time, and volunteers way to much I have found that summer camp is the hardest time of the year.Coordinating schedules, camps, likes & dislikes, friends, and …

A Dad’s Thoughts on His Son and Baseball
May 29, 2008 – 11:29 am | 3 Comments

by Mike Kravik
One of the best things about being the parent of a child who plays sports is having the opportunity to ride shot-gun with him on his journey through all the inevitable ups and …

The nicest thing I have heard in a long time!
May 28, 2008 – 5:32 pm | 2 Comments

My daughter and I were in the car the other day and lately, she has been asking a lot about homeschooling. “Why don’t you homeschool us?” she keeps asking. I tend to give a variety …

Dealing with my children’s pain
May 13, 2008 – 9:16 pm | One Comment

My son came in from playing outside with his hand rolled up in his t-shirt, a look of pain on his face. When I questioned him, he told me that he had gotten a splinter …