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How to Choose and Display Kids Art

Submitted by on May 10, 2012 – 2:30 pm3 Comments

Child's Art Rainbow

Easy to Make Art Displays for Your Child’s Art


by Samantha Conner

If you have small children, then you know about the ‘art guilt’. The first day my daughter came home from preschool, her backpack was filled with glittery, painty, sandy creations. I was thrilled! I excitedly displayed my kid’s art all over our fridge. The next day, more of the same. I was elated to see all the things she could do. But after about 2 weeks, I could scarcely find the handle of the fridge, much less the water dispenser. What was I supposed to do with all of her art? Our poor fridge couldn’t keep up with rate at which she was creating- and it was only September!

What do you do with your kids’ art? Do you keep each precious scribble? Do you treasure each painted paper? Have you ever thrown anything away? (Gasp!!)

I will be the first to admit that I have and still do ‘recycle’ my girls’ papers.  It is impossible to keep it all without ending up on a reality TV show about hoarding. So if you have stacks of papers on counters and drawings popping out of cabinets and boxes- then keep reading. I have found a few ways to manage the ‘art’ and not feel guilty!

First, I think it is essential to realize that not everything is ‘ahhh-mazing’. Some pieces are merely practice. You can pop those into the recycling bin and never look back. (A word to the wise, make sure you bury those papers way down into the bin, my daughter has been known to pull out her work from the trash can and bring it back in the house. Eek!)

Second, choose pieces that are meaningful and find a way to display them. In our house we have several ways of showing off our girls’ creations. These ‘handmade displays’ are aesthetically pleasing and practical. The best part is, anyone can make them  at home without spending much money!

I have framed some of my very favorite pieces and added them to our gallery wall. You can find inexpensive frames at resale shops and garage sales.

Child's Wall Art colorful

In my oldest daughter’s room, I screwed two drawer-pulls into the wall. Then I tied yarn to each end and added clothespins. This is a great way to enjoy a large [body] of work and since it is down low, my daughter is in charge of hanging up her [own] work.

Art Display 2 - Child's Art

In my youngest daughter’s room, I painted an old frame and then added two lines of sisal twine. The twine is attached to the back of the frame with hot glue and a staple. Her display also uses clothespins, but since she is so young, it is up and out of reach.

In my craft room, I used another large, old frame which you could find at Goodwill or on sale at a crafty store, and added chicken wire to the inside. I used a staple gun to attach the wire to the back of the frame. And once again, I added clothespins! This display works as an inspiration board and it allows me to hang up all the cute things my girls make.

Now that you know how to display your kids’ art, the third rule for enjoying your kids’ art is to rotate those creations. Every month or so, we go through the displays and change them out. My daughter picks what to keep and what to discard. We like to keep it fresh and interesting. A few creations, that I am especially sentimental about end up in a keepsake box. Or sometimes, I take a photo of the work and add to our family blog.  I print the blog out every year and have it bound in a book, so by taking a photo of it and adding to our site, I know that I can essentially ‘keep it forever’.

If you need a little more inspiration or a few more ideas, check out my Pinterest board “Display It- Kids Artwork”.  I have pinned images of some beautifully framed children’s art work, modern clotheslines from Ikea, and other cool ideas like scanning art to create fantastic collages.

Now it’s time to take back your fridge and loose the ‘art guilt’!  Displaying your kids’ art gives both you and them a sense of pride. All of their hard work can be enjoyed in fabulous, meaningful ways. And, there is no better or more affordable art than what your little ones create for you.  So don’t be afraid to recycle, display and rotate!

Samantha Conner: In my “past life” I earned a degree in Education at TCU and taught elementary school. But these days, I am working as a super stay-at-home-mom with a serious craft addiction. During naptime, I am an avid blogger, runner, and nester. My blog is the place where I chronicle my journey in homemaking and sell my fabulous handmade bows, tutus, and hair accessories. Follow my crafting journey at




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