4 Frugal Birthday Party Favors

Frugal Birthday Party Favors

Create Memorable Birthday Party Goodie Bags With A Limited Budget

Putting together a birthday party favors doesn’t have to be expensive.  Start a trend with your child’s next birthday party by giving goodie bags that are creative and frugal with the help of these few simple ideas.

Musical Goodies

Consider making your own music CDs. Children love listening to music from their favorite show or movie. Packs of CDs are relatively inexpensive and can even be found at your local dollar store. You can also make your own CD covers with a printer, or print off labels and stick onto the CD. Or have your child draw a fun cover, then take it to an office supply store and have them copied for each CD.  Check online for downloads for free, age appropriate music tracks. If you are having a themed party, keep that theme in mind when you pick out the music.

Small, Inexpensive Toys

The dollar store will also have small toys like rubber balls, jump ropes, books, puzzles, and things that will entertain and teach at the same time. Make these birthday party favors a part of the fun by giving them out at the beginning of the party. For instance, if the party is a summer time event with a focus on water fun, include water squirters, pool toys, and other things to enjoy outside. Your goodie bags are now doing double-duty; they are part of the party fun, and the goodies go home with the kids.

Homemade Goodies

Bake your own goodies for affordable and delicious treats that double as birthday party favors. Bake cookies, rice krispie squares, or brownies. Then wrap them tightly and put them in the goodie bag to take home.  You might even want to make sugar cookies in the shape of girls and boys, then use the frosting to ‘monogram’ a cookie with each child’s name for a personalized goodie bag. You could also use alphabet cookie cutters to put the child’s initials in their goodie bag. These personalized goodie bags will be the hit of the party, and they are inexpensive to make. *Remember to keep food allergies in mind.


Crafts can double as a goodie and a party activity. Choose a variety of fun supplies. You can either choose one big craft or mix and match a bunch of items. If you do choose one big craft, be sure to have a display sample ready as a guide. Kids love personalizing wearable items too. You can provide a plain white t-shirt or ask each child to bring one. You can also make headbands, barrettes, hats, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Have all the supplies out and the let the kids get creative!

There are many ways to create affordable goodie bags if you use your imagination. Ask your children what they like, do some research online, ask other parents what their kids would like, and always be on the hunt for great deals wherever you go. Come up with something different and creative and make your birthday party goodie bags fun and memorable!


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