Alexandria’s Book Review: Froggy’s Worst Playdate

Childrens book review - Froggy's Worst Playdate

Book Review: Froggy’s Worst Playdate


Jonathan London lives in California, and is an author many times over; this adventure of Froggy’s is neither his first nor his last. London started with three picture books in 1992 and went on very successfully from there. He draws his ideas from dreams and his own imagination—a guy after my own heart!

About Froggy’s Worst Playdate

This is another book I found at the library—unlike the last, it was a bit harder to find, but worth it once I did. Since it’s part of a series as well, I feel as though I’ve struck the jackpot again! Froggy’s adventures from a glance seem fun enough to follow for a while to come.

Like many others his age, Saturday is Froggy’s favorite day of the week. No school means plenty of time to play with friends instead of barely passing them in the hallways! He gets up early, eats and dresses quickly, ready to enjoy the whole day. Even his mother’s attempts to get him to go back to bed don’t penetrate his happy shell—why waste a perfect day?

Froggy plans to go out to his friends’ houses and get them to come out and play. Unfortunately, this Saturday is just not his lucky day. His friend Matthew was playing golf with his Dad. Max had left home to visit his grandma. And Travis had gone to his tuba lesson!

Froggy is understandably dejected. With no one home, what is he to do all day? Who will he play with?

Froggy’s parents have a solution, but not one he likes—they set up a playdate with Frogilina, the girl down the street! Froggy refuses right off, horrified; how can they expect him to play with a girl? He tries to lock himself in his room and play loud music, but that only angers his parents. And it doesn’t make them forget the playdate, that’s for sure. At the appointed time, Froggy ends up dressing up and going to meet his doom anyway. Still, the question looms—what in the world will he do all day with a girl?!

No spoilers from me, as always—you’ll have to read the rest yourself to find out. I also recommend the rest of Froggy’s many adventures—there are at least twenty, with names like Froggy Goes to Camp, Froggy’s Baby Sitter and Froggy Goes to Hawaii.

Alex BattleAlexandria Battle is a long time contributor to North Texas Kids. A recent high school graduate, Alexandria is currently attending Cornell University in New York and comes back to the DFW area for breaks. She loves to read and share her thoughts. Her goal is to publish her own book.




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