Alexandria’s Book Review: The Three Ninja Pigs

Book Review: The Three Ninja Pigs

Book Review: The Three Ninja Pigs


by Alexandria Battle

Corey Rosen Schwartz, the author of Hop! Plop! as well as this month’s book The Three Ninja Pigs, is not one to write the same old, same old when it comes to children’s stories. She sought to write a traditional fairy tale with a twist none would see coming. The start of her path to success came when she overheard her son saying he spoke “karate”—the spark was born that would become this well-illustrated, amusing book.

I found The Three Ninja Pigs while browsing the library, and it was just the book I wanted to get back in the spirit of writing reviews—there was no book more fitting. I’m glad to have returned, and I hope to be around for as long as I was before and longer with great books like this one.

Everyone knows the classic story of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf—but this wolf and this set of pigs aren’t anything like their original counterparts! The wolf is still a bully all right, but this time he has a red suit and some fighting skills to back himself up, so he gets to blow all the houses in town down until a few pigs decide that they can’t take it anymore.

Instead of just relying on how sturdy their houses are (or aren’t), though, in this tale the pigs do a little training of their own! All three go to ninja school, determined to graduate and show that wolf a thing or two. Pig number one starts aikido lessons; his brother, pig two, takes jujitsu and learns a mean punch; and their sister, the third pig, gets serious and learns karate.

But of course, the wolf is still no pushover even after training. Will the pigs be able to show him who’s boss?

You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Alex BattleAlexandria Battle is a long time contributor to North Texas Kids. A recent high school graduate, Alexandria is currently attending Cornell University in New York and comes back to the DFW area for breaks. She loves to read and share her thoughts. Her goal is to publish her own book.




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