Cuentos Carambochos – a Children’s Poetry Book

Join Miriam as she launches her children’s poetry book on Nov 9th from 6-8pm at the McKinney Performing Arts Center

Story time for kids, appetizers, drinks and a raffle.  

“Cuentos Carambochos” is a children’s poetry book that was born with the heart and soul of a mom with the purpose of sharing with your daughter and other children a wonderful world of children’s poetry.

These stories written in Spanish poetic verse will take you to a magical world full of imagination where each character offers a moral with warm and fun rhyme.

The world of poetry is truly magical and rhymes awaken children’s imaginations.  That is why today I launch my adventure to tell these stories through poems in which children will enjoy these simple, magical and friendly characters that will teach your child a moral in every story.

Each poem has a unique and funny essence that will leave you and your little one longing to read them over and over again. I invite you, little one, as you enter the world of reading to play with rhymes and begin to become a poet.

Let’s begin our adventure….

About Miriam

I am a writer by heart and inspired to write children’s poetry.  My inspiration was the birth of my most precious treasure. Before she was born, I thought about something that I could truly enjoy with her, and the first thing that came to my mind was to write poetry to read to hear before bed.

So, this poetry filled my mind, and I thought that in addition to writing the literary genre for my little muse I could also share it with other children.

I live in the Dallas suburb of McKinney, TX; for some reason my destiny brought me here. I’m very proud to be from Mexico. Before moving from Mexico, I worked for a municipal government in the Social Communications Department.  I finished my studies in Communications and I always had he dream of becoming a writer.  At one point in my life I wrote captions for a children’s radio show, since then I’ve always had the urge and curiosity to go into the fantastic world of children.

I’m a professional photographer.  I love nature, to travel and to cook.  I’m passionate about the movies and my life as a mother and wife.  I come from a large family with deep values.  My parents taught me to love life and to pursue my dreams.

Now I feel like I’m in the best stage of my life, because becoming a mom opened the door and the opportunity to becoming a writer that is why, I’m here promising to you my little readers the best stories and amazing characters that will help you discover poetry.

I thank God for allowing me to publish my first book, and of course thanks to my husband who has always supported and pushed me to fulfill my projects.  His confidence in me resulted in this children’s poetry book.

Amelie Belle, you will always be my little creative muse.  With love, I dedicate to you this book.  From your mom that loves you to the furthest reaches of the universe.

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