Free Family Biking Event on November 11th – Last one of the series!

Take a Kid Mountain Biking

Don’t miss the last of Richardson Bike Mart’s family mountain biking events for this year. November 11th  from 2:00pm-5:00pm at Rowlett Creek Nature Preserve, Garland

Richardson Bike Mart has been in business since 1962 and is once again reaching out into the community to bring us a fun family opportunity with bikes!

  • Bring the kids, helmets, and your bikes
  • Parents are more than welcome to ride as well
  • NO RSVP required and there is no charge for these events.

Why is it important to Richardson Bike Mart to create opportunities for community involvement?

As a company our goal is to help people get more enjoyment from cycling.  No matter their skill level or age or what kind of bike they ride.  Creating opportunities for community involvement is one of the best ways we can do that.  Whether it be a Ladies Night and Ladies Ride,  Product Demos or a Take A Kid Mountain Biking series, we want more people to enjoy cycling. Doing an event for kids is even better and keeping kids active and exposing them to new things is always positive.  We’re looking forward to this year’s Take a Kid Mountain Biking events!

What is the mission of Take a Kid Mountain Biking?

In October 2011 we participated in IMBA’s (International Mountain Bicycling Association) Take A Kid Mountain Biking day at Rowlett Creek Nature Preserve in Garland. The turn out was awesome so we took it upon ourselves to build upon the concept and create a series of our own events for 2012. Our mission is to get more kids out on their bikes, having fun and simply enjoying a bike ride.

Kids getting out and being active is important. The nice thing about bike riding is that it is something that can be done leisurely or competitively, as a family outing or individually, around the neighborhood or at a certain destination. Bikes can be simple or fancy — it doesn’t matter. Hopefully we can help provide an opportunity for kids to try something new or enhance their enjoyment or skill in something they already enjoy.

What can my kid expect when he/she comes to Take A Kid Mountain Biking day?

Your kids can expect an experienced group of Richardson Bike Mart staff members whose goal is to help your children (and hopefully you too) have fun riding their bikes.  We will begin with a quick bike inspection and do minor repairs, if needed.  Next, we’ll do a brief skills clinic showing and sharing some helpful tips for riding off road.  Then we ride. After riding, we will fire up the grill for hotdogs and drinks.  We conclude the day with a prize raffle as a thank you for coming out and joining us.

Note that the trails we have chosen for these events are beginner friendly!


CLICK HERE for maps to the parks and updates on weather conditions for the day





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