How to use Stenciling to Add Depth and Texture to a Wall

How to Stencil Walls

Stencil in Some Interest on Your Walls


by Samantha Conner

It was not too long ago that wallpaper ruled the décor world. If you happen to visit a home decorated in the 90’s, you can still see evidence of the trend. Florals and prints in kitchens and bathrooms.

Then the tide turned, everyone began pulling it off and moving towards textured treatments like the Venetian plaster or faux finished look. It seems like after so much fuss, everyone would have left their homes alone. But you know décor and fashion; the only rule is that it is ‘always changing’.

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So neutral walls that were simply painted became the new trend. Lots of ‘builder beige’ and maybe an accent wall or two.  But after a while, designers were back to wanting more.

And thus the arrival of the stencil. Stenciling your home can add depth, layers and interest to any room. And unlike wallpaper, it is pretty easy to do and even easier to ‘un-do’.

After seeing some beautiful examples of stenciled walls on the Internet, I decided to try my own version. Our playroom needed a ‘pick-me-up’ and I figured this would be an inexpensive way to do it. I used paint that we already had and even printed off a stencil that I found free online. Then I waited… until my husband went out of town and wouldn’t try to stop me!

I painstakingly hand-drew the stencil all over one wall. Then I went back and hand painted over the lines. It took about 9 hours- lots of naps and ‘after bedtime’ work. It was tedious, it was a bit hard, but I loved the results. Surprisingly, when my hubby came home- he did too.

I learned a lot from this project, so if you are going to attempt it, let me help you! First, start at the top. Then if you get off a bit, it won’t be as noticeable. Second, measure. I did not measure. Turns out our high school teachers were right, math is important! So yes- there is some imperfection to my wall because I avoided math while doing this project. Third, consider using a kit. Printing and using your own stencil is cheaper. But the stencil kits you can find online will make it easier.

The best part of stenciling is that it adds a bit of ‘wow’ to your room. And then when you grow tired of it- just paint over!

Décor trends will come and go. But you can enjoy the ride more, if you choose to ‘feather your nest’ with looks that you love.  My stencil wall is here to stay for a while. It makes me happy every time I see it. So if you still have wallpaper from the 90’s or faux finishes, and they make you smile—well then, keep them! But if you are ready for a change, think about stencils. They create a lot of style without high costs or long-term commitments.

Need more information about stencils? Search the web and Pinterest.

Here are few places to start looking:

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