Texas Multi Mamas Reality Show to air on WE tv on December 27

WE tv reality show

I had the pleasure of interviewing the Multi Mamas to be featured on WE tv’s new series, Texas Multi Mamas which premieres Tuesday, December 27 at 9pm ET/PT. This series, which takes place in Dallas, Texas, follows a group of young moms who planned to have one baby but came home with two, three or four.  Having bonded in a support group for parents of multiples, Candace, Casey, Suz, Tonia, Teryn, and Stephanie help each other strike a balance between managing their large broods and having some big girl fun for themselves.  But like any group of women, sometimes their help turns to meddling and their kids’ fights in the sandbox become the least of their worries.  When one faces a crisis in her marriage, will the group splinter or be able to survive?

What struck me about these moms was how they were able to take the making of this show into stride. Each of them talked about how much fun the process was and how the producers and camera crew became part of their family. These are all busy women, not just with their multiples, but all of them work at least part time, try to maintain their romantic relationships and do a good job of raising their kids. One, Tonia Tomlin, is a single mom of twin girls who owns her own organizing business here in Plano.

I asked each of the moms to share a few things about the show, and I thought I’d share their answers here and help you get to know a little about them before the show starts. You can learn more about each of the Multi-Mamas at http://www.wetv.com/shows/texas-multi-mamas/cast

I asked Tonia Tomlin what she learned about herself during the filming of the show and what was the most fun. Tonia said that getting to know the other moms more intimately was the best part of filming, but in some ways proved to be the hardest. Through her friendship with these women, Tonia said she was able to get closure on her divorce, something she didn’t think she would ever be able to do on her own. She feels like she learned to be a better mother and time manager and mostly to appreciate the time she has with her twin girls. She advises moms to remember that you will never be able to get time back and to take advantage of the time you do have. Tonia is proud to be a strong role model for her daughters and proud of her business. She wants other moms to know that it is hard to do it all but it’s important to pursue your dreams and never give up! She hopes she will inspire other moms to follow their dreams.

Candace Hickey said the hardest part of the show was how much time it took, trying to juggle her triplets, husband and a part-time job. With multiples you are tired anyway, adding the show made her more tired than usual, making a bigger challenge to live a normal life around shooting the show. I loved talking to Candace, she became all teary talking about her husband who she clearly loves dearly but this show helped realize just how amazing he is and what a great partner he is in parenting their multiples. For Candace, her key to success is having an amazing partner who shares equally in the tasks and challenges of raising triplets. She also learned that her triplets have a comical side and was complete hams when the cameras were turned on. She did share that if you are dreaming of being on a reality t.v. show that you need to be comfortable with being open about all aspects of your life, the positive and the negative! You have to develop a tough skin and to know who you are as a mom. Overall, Candace had a very positive experience and says she is lucky to have been part of the show.

According to her bio, Teryn Todd is a Southern belle, through and through. The mom of triplets, Teryn learned that she has more patience than most moms and that her kids are crazier than most! She felt validated for how stressed out she becomes with the madhouse. She loved being able to hang out more with the other moms but found it a challenge to balance life, working part time and a husband who is away for work. Her best advice for other Moms of multiples: “To take one issue at a time, take the most dire need first and go from there so you don’t get overwhelmed.”

 Stephanie Williams, by her own assertion, is not like the other moms. For Stephanie, the hardest part of the show was the other women. “I am very different from the other moms. I think I’m the most honest and real and in your face. I don’t edit at all. I’m not the kind of person to edit, and didn’t hold back. I found it hard to relate and feel on the same page with them. Still, we have a common bond, and at the end of the day we’re all there for each other.” Stephanie said one of the most fun experiences was bra shopping with Candace and Casey. The entire crazy experience was different than anything she had ever done and she learned a lot about herself, learned to be herself. She said, “I ended all of this being me. I am not proud of everything I did but at the end of the day I owned it.” Her best advice to other moms of multiples is to slow down, take a deep breath and remember they are only going to be little once. So focus on the positive and try to enjoy the moment you are in.”

For Suz Steece, the hardest part of the experience was getting caught up in the silly girl drama. She said she wanted to giggle and run away from the drama. She did love getting together with other moms and kids for outings around town. She felt the kids had fun and was glad they were able to experience “the whole crazy thing.” Suz said she learned that she is a good problem solver and mediator when conflicts arise. She is able to stay very grounded, not take sides and be the peacekeeper. She learned that being authentic and genuine is very important to her and you can’t fake it in front of the camera. She appreciates other people who are authentic. Her best advice for other moms, “Make time for your marriage first. Don’t expect your family to revolve around the children, you have to work on marriage and I feel we’ve done really well with that.” She says to make time to be together, to laugh together and that’s it’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of raising multiples. She reminds parents to find the humor or positive in every situation and to surround yourself with positive people. What great advice for any family!

For Casey Grewer, the best part of filming the show was the weekly girls’ night out with the other moms. She said the laughter, drinking and camaraderie helped bring most of them closer together. The hardest part was the disruption of their normal lives. It was hard on her kids and husband having her be away more and finding time for each other. She says, “I am meticulous about schedule and routine. I don’t do change well.” Casey said she learned that her words can be harsh, and too blunt but still believes that honesty is the best policy. She also learned, “As open as I think I am, I still like the privacy of parts of my life.” Casey is nervous about reliving the experience and watching her own train wreck on TV. “Holy crap, I didn’t see that coming.”

I found this promo video on You Tube:


Here is a sneak peak at the story for the first two episodes!


Episode 1: Mama Drama

Premieres Tuesday, December 27 at 8pm ET/PT

Meet the Texas Multi Mamas: Candace, Casey, Stephanie, Suz, Tonia and Teryn, who struggle with the same everyday challenges that all moms face, but in their cases, the challenges come in twos, threes and fours!  There is no shortage of drama with this group, but thankfully, they also know how to let loose and party!   Long-standing tension between Candace, mama of triplets, and Stephanie, mama of twins, is taking the fun out of a Girl’s Night Out. In an effort to smooth things over, quad mom Suz offers to talk one-on-one with Stephanie and clear the air. Yet Stephanie is blind-sided when she hears that Candace has been spreading rumors about her to rest of the group.  With the realization that the mamas have been talking behind her back, Stephanie finds herself the odd man out at Girl’s Night. Being the straight shooter she is, Stephanie calls Candace out for spreading rumors.  Even though she asks the other moms to give her a chance to show she isn’t the person who Candace says she is, the group remains skeptical.

Episode 2: Weekend in Paris

Premieres Tuesday, December 27 at 9pm ET/PT

All six mamas get together for a day of relaxation at the spa – but even as they pamper their bodies, they can’t help but talk about all the things they’d like to change about their post-multiples figures.  Teryn is about to go in for a tummy tuck, while Stephanie announces she’d like breast implants. Suz has struggles of her own as she learns that her daughter Savannah, who has had kidney problems since birth, will need to have surgery for the fourth time. Suz tries to convince Savannah that everything will be alright, but she can’t help but worry for her little girl who has already endured so much in three short years.



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