14 DIY Valentine Ideas

Lollipop Flower Hearts - Classroom Valentines

DIY Valentines

Handmade Valentines are so special! Often times, they are less costly than buying pre-made sentiments and are a fun way to let someone know you care. Need some ideas? We’ve got both candy and non-candy ideas for Valentines – check them out! These make great classroom Valentines too!

Lolly Pop Flower Hearts

 Valentine Chenille Poodles

Valentine Chenille Poodles - Classroom Valentines


Valentine Friendship Bracelets

Valentine Friendship Bracelets


Popsicle Stick Valentines

Classroom Valentines - Popsicle Stick Valentines

Valentine Gnome Kisses

Valentine Gnome Kisses - classroom valentines


Tissue Paper Lollipop Flowers

Tissue Paper Lollipop Flowers - Classroom Valentines

Play Doh Valentines

Classroom Valentines - Play Doh Valentines

Valentine Tic Tacs

Classroom Valentine Gifts - Valentine Tic Tacs

Valentine Pencil Toppers



Valentine Crafts – Pom Pom Critters

Pom Pom Critters - Classroom Valentines


Felt Fortune Cookies

Felt Fortune Cookies - Classroom Valentines


Smarties Airplane

Classroom Valentines - Smarties Airplane


Valentine Pixie Sticks



Valentine Bling Ring

Valentine Bling Ring - Classroom Valeintes


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  1. Heather McCrary

    I love the friendship bracelets! My son said mom I don’t want to do Valentines Day because I don’t like any girls, so I showed him theses and now he’s cool with “friendship” valentines !

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