Alexandria’s Book Review: Strangers on the High Seas

Strangers on the High Sea - Childrens Books

Childrens Book Review: Strangers on the High Seas

by Alexandria Battle

Carole P. Roman used to teach, before her business sense kicked in and inspired her to start a family business with her husband. After doing that successfully for many years, she decided to give authoring a book a try too! Good thing she did–this month’s book is fourth in the series she started, and she’s got even more wonderful stories planned.

Captain No Beard has had many adventures, and this one in particular should be valuable advice for all ages. We’re all taught from childhood not to talk to strangers or judge people based on our first meeting of them, and the Captain and his crew really bring that message home.

Today, Captain No Beard isn’t pleased about his new cabin girl. Cayla’s too young to help out with ship duties. Really, she’s too young to do anything other than be watched carefully by his first mate. But as a captain, HE has bigger fish to fry. There’s another ship approaching theirs, and its crew is legendary–and dangerous. And if their captain, Barnabas, stops their ship, they’ll all be sunk!

As always, I never reveal my secrets. You’ll have to read to find out how this one ends! In the meantime, check out the rest in the series (I sure will!), as well as her children’s book “I Want To Do Yoga Too”.

Alex BattleAlexandria Battle is a long time contributor to North Texas Kids. A recent high school graduate, Alexandria is currently attending Cornell University in New York and comes back to the DFW area for breaks. She loves to read and share her thoughts. Her goal is to publish her own book.



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