Win VIP Tickets to See Le Theatre Presents ‘The Little Mermaid’ Stage Production

Le Theatre Presents ‘The Little Mermaid’ Stage Production

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The Story: Le Theatre de Marionette loosely adapts the children’s classic story by Hans Christian Anderson to the marionette stage in this impressive presentation.  Children will be spellbound by the beautifully carved marionettes of the underwater kingdom and the underwater stage effects.  The story follows Ariel, daughter of King Neptune who yearns for a life not bound by water.  She makes a deal with the Sea Witch Ursula in exchange for her lovely singing voice.  She has but three days to convince the handsome Prince Eric to fall in love or be bound to the Sea Witch forever.

The Stage Play: This European-styled marionette play is presented in three acts, or settings:  the ship of the high seas, the underwater kingdom, and the Kings Palace.

The Marionettes: Over 60 marionettes and other puppets are used in the telling of this story.  The show also features shadow puppets, black light rod puppets, trick marionettes and many marionettes.  Along with the impressive scenery, visual effects and other theater magic, The Lttle Mermaid is a show that will amaze children and adults alike.

The Artists: A total of twenty three visual and performance artists contributed to the construction of this marionette stage play.  This show marks its debut at the Palace Theater in Grapevine in an exclusive cooperative venture with the Grapevine Visitors and Convention Bureau.

Recommended Ages:  The show is recommended for ages 3 + due to some underwater scenes and lighting effects that may be too intensive for young toddlers.  The show has a running time just under an hour and includes a ‘before show’ marionette demonstration and a post show behind-the-scenes-peek at how the puppetry magic is performed.

Event Info.

Palace Arts Center in Historic Downtown Grapevine, TX
June 10 – August 14

General Admission – Children, $10; Adults, $12

Check out Website to purchase group tickets and to see the performance schedule  or Contact is BOX OFFICE  469-442-1919

North Texas Kids has VIP Tickets to this show!


We are giving away VIP tickets; winner gets a backstage tour after the show!

To enter this contest, just leave a comment below about why you’d like to go.

Contest ends Thursday, July 18th at midnight CST.

Winner will be contacted by email (the one you use to leave your comment below) and must respond ASAP with mailing address to receive the tickets.





  1. Teresa A.

    My daughter loves The Little Mermaid and would love to see this!

  2. Laura Redman

    My two daughters love the little mermaid and to be able to see it performed with marionettes would be a wonderful experience!

  3. dlgrowe

    When we lived in Atlanta, we were never able to afford to take the girls to the Center for Puppetry Arts. Now that we’ve moved back home, my best Atl friend has had 2 bday parties there and goes very regularly with her little ones when I was the one who told her about all of its awesomeness! You should give us the tickets so that I can rub it in her face!!! Just kidding…kinda.
    But in all seriousness, we have 5 daughters, and 3 of them are in the targeted age. I bought tickets for an awesome show at the AT&T PAC, but it got cancelled and hasn’t been rescheduled. Today, the 15th, is also my youngest daughter’s 5th birthday. I would love to share this with her, my 6 yr old, and my 8 yr old. It would even be awesome to be able to bring a friend or 2 for her if we won the 6-pack.
    Thanks for the consideration.

  4. Ana

    What a neat production! I’d love to introduce my kids to the wonder of marionettes, as a child, I loved watching Saturday TV shows in Mexico where traditional marionette dolls were used. Such an art form!

  5. steff coleman

    Would love to celebrate both of my daughters upcoming birthdays- the 18th and 28th by going!

  6. Angie Estrada

    My daughter IS Ariel. Lol! We have never been to a marionette show before so it would be great! Thanks for the opportunity! =0)

  7. Vickie Green

    My two little grand-daughters would love to attend this event. They play mermaid in the bath together, and even have the swimming Arial mermaids. Of course, when they swim at the pool, they are mermaids, and have so much fun. Give me the tickets to take my grand-kids and husband. We would be so appreciative.

  8. Shelly Rollins

    Mermaids and marionettes, who could ask for more??

    I’m not sure if my little one likes mermaids as much as she’d like to be a mermaid. After watching the classic movie Splash, I caught her putting salt in her bath so she could ‘grow her tail.’ LOL!

  9. Sabino Perez

    My goodness! If I could take my daughter to experience such a wonderful show would be the best thing I could do this summer with my family. My daughter and whole family would be thrilled and impressed with a marrionette show.

  10. La Shae

    This would be such a unique experience for my children. They love art and theater, but we’ve never seen a show like this before.

  11. maria

    Neither myself or my children have seen a Marionette show and who could pass up the Little Mermaid.

  12. Misty Gill

    My daughter loves little Mermaid. Love to take her as she would be thrilled

  13. Kim Lopez

    My Granddaughter and I love to watch the Little Mermaid together while cuddled up on the couch! Sing the song while in the car it is a wonderful kids show! We hope to Win it would Frantastic and Fun!

  14. Laura S.

    My daughter and her friend would LOVE to go see.

  15. Donna

    The Little Mermaid is a favorite @ our house ! Marionettes is the extra cherry on top of this perfect day! Would love for our 2 daughters to experience this show.

  16. Congratulations to Sabino P. for winning this giveaway! Enjoy the show and the VIP tour!

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