Fun Fall Crafts: Felt Pumpkin Craft

Felt Pumpkin Craft - North Texas Kids Magazine

Festive Fall Fun: Felt Pumpkin Craft

As that all-important October holiday approaches, you might be trying to find ways to enjoy pumpkins without having to stick your hand inside of one. Here is an inexpensive activity that will not only get your little ones using their fine motor skills, but will give them a taste of festive fall fun without the messy pumpkin guts.

To create these adorable felt jack-o-lanterns, first you’ll need:

  • Two pieces of orange felt
  • Scraps of other felt pieces (green and black are the most important)
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • A manila file folder
  • A permanent marker

First you’ll want to draw a pumpkin shape onto your manila folder. I just freehanded mine, but there are plenty of pumpkin stencils out there that would give you a much more accurate design.

Next, cut out your pumpkin shape and place it onto your orange felt pieces. Trace around the file folder cutout and then cut this new pumpkin from your orange felt. I made two pumpkins, but you could create as many as you’d like.
Pumpkin Craft Stencil Freehand

In order to give your pumpkin a cute little stem, you’ll want to place your orange pumpkin (permanent marker side up) onto a piece of green felt. Trace the top of your pumpkin shape onto the green felt so you’ll know how big to make it

Pumpkin Craft Stem

Then remove the pumpkin and draw a stem. I drew mine slightly bigger than the stencil so it would be easier to glue onto the pumpkin.

Next, I cut out the stem and used the fabric glue to glue the stem onto the pumpkin. When you’ve completed this, you’ll have two adorable pumpkins that are already the pick of the patch.

Next, I cut different shapes out of my scrap pieces of felt to create eyes, noses, mouths and some fun extras like a crown, a baseball cap and a Batman-ish mask. And no activity would be complete these days without an ode to Frozen, so I also included an Elsa braid.

Felt Pumpkin Craft - Halloween Crafts - North Texas Kids Magazine

Now your kids can have hours of fun creating pumpkin faces to their hearts’ desire. And because I had most of the supplies at home (I bought the two pieces of orange felt for 50 cents each at a craft store and the scrap felt at the dollar store) I spent less than three dollars on a fun fall activity.


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