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Often after reading an article or watching a TV show on ways to get organized, I get hooked and want to get started right away on my favorite projects. However, I usually find out that I don’t have all the right organizing products and tools to get the job done correctly.

On one of my project shopping trips, I went to a local hardware store to gather supplies for adding some organization to our newly remodeled bathroom. I did not make it very far down my list because I got caught up looking at all the Command™ brand hanging solutions and other hardware.

The variety of Command hooks keeps getting bigger and better, which means more options on where and how to use these simple but invaluable organizing products. As I stood in front of the display, grabbing package after package, my arms filled with products and my mind began to fill with ideas for this month’s article.

Last month we talked about organizing your jewelry and creative ways to use hooks. This month I want to talk about hooks and hardware in general and how the various items can work with many organizing projects.

Cord Organizer

3M, the company that makes Command™ hooks, has developed many different organizing products that would be a welcome addition to any of your organizing projects. One of the first hooks I ran across was the Cord Organization Bundler that holds rolled up extension cords. The package comes with 2 bundlers and 3 medium strips that stick to the wall. The product holds weight of up to 2 lbs. and has a solid 4 star review online. Here are some ideas from buyers on using this product: “I’ve gotten tired of winding up the vacuum cord only to have it jump loose, so I use this to contain it,” or “I love these for keeping all of our many charging cords neat and in place!”

Water Resistant Wall Hooks

Do you need a product for a wet or humid environment? Command™ makes hooks for these areas as well. They are perfect for creating a place to hang a wet wash cloth to dry or to keep wet towels from touching bathroom walls. Find the right size to hang a shower radio or your hair dryer in a humid bathroom. These hooks will stick and are water resistant.

Mini Hooks

Another Command™ hook that seemed very practical to me was the Mini Hooks. These are very lightweight hooks that hold no more than ½ lb. I would use them to hang pot holders on the inside of cupboard doors, or to hang outdoor summer lights on a back porch. The photo on the package shows the hook holding a set of keys.

Wall Hook

Even hanging pictures has become easier with these Command™ products. Why make a hole in the wall with a nail or Bulldog anchor when you can use a product that does not damage the wall and is movable and reusable. If you have artwork with a wired-back for hanging or a saw tooth type hook, Command™ has products just for those situations. There are also damage-free picture hanging strips for both dark and light wood frames. The stripes look a little like Velcro but actually lock in place and can be reused over and over.

Besides hanging pictures, these strips could be used to hang flashlights around your home on the walls, or hanging a stain stick near your laundry basket or closet so you can treat stains immediately.

Drywall Anchors

I also found a great product to secure bigger or heavier organizational items. These SnapSkru® Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors do not require a drill to install, which makes it easy for those individuals that are not handy. However they do make a small hole in your wall but for heavier items this is required.

As I left the store that day I had purchased 12 packages of Command hooks and other hardware. It’s probably more than I need for my current bathroom remodel, but I’ll be ready the next time I decide to tackle a new project. I am truly hooked on organizing.


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