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Review of Lone Star Circus’ Forever Presented by Dallas Children’s Theater

The magic and wonder of the Circus has long drawn audiences with its allure of escaping to a realm of the unusual and the extraordinary. The traditional circus tent show has evolved into the modern circus of today where the entertainment is a versatile blend of slapstick comedy, thrilling acrobatic feats and sophisticated, on stage performances. Lone Star Circus’ Forever embodies both the traditional and modern styles, celebrating the past, present and future of the Circus with seasoned professionals as well as future circus stars from the Lone Star Circus School. Forever’s multi-generational ensemble delivers a variety of entertainment for all ages and parents will enjoy taking their kids to watch the show.

Heralded by the booming voice of Ringmaster Ty McFarlan, the show opens with the cast appearing on stage for a brief introduction followed by Brando Anastasini on the tight wire. Eighteen-year-old Anastasini did some skillful stunts that made me think “How did he do that?!” The star also endeared himself to the audience when he took in stride, a couple of unexpected trips off the wire and kept right on performing.

Lone Star Circus - North Texas Kids

Kelli Ramazini’s performance on the trapeze bar was a treat to watch. Ramazini’s graceful and poised movements showcased her artistry and strength beautifully.

Kelli Ramazini - Lone Star Circus - North Texas Kids

Asaf Mor’s artistic movement on the Cyr Wheel was delightful. It seemed at times that he was one with the wheel, twirling in synchronicity with the background music.

Asaf Mor - Lone Star Circus - North Texas Kids

AJ Silver can rope trick like no one’s business. I’m almost certain that the double rope snap in his finale created an actual spark!

AJ Silver - Lone Star Circus - North Texas Kids

The Dominguez Family’s Poodle Revue was adorable, the pups well-trained and fun to watch, but it was the youngest human family member who often “stole the show” with his enthusiastic showmanship!

Throughout the evening, the Acero Brothers entertained the audience both with their hilarious skits and comedic relief in between acts. These guys play wonderfully off of each other, especially when the cheeky brother is pushing the other brother’s buttons. The brothers put on an impromptu boxing match on stage, choosing five male audience members. With just a bit of tape to create a virtual boxing ring and lots of spontaneous, good-natured silliness, the Acero Brothers pulled off one of the highlights of the show – a must see!

Another standout of opening night was Amauri Da Silva in his juggling act. Da Silva has great finesse and flawless, high-energy moves that are amazing to behold. He even dances the Salsa as he juggles!

Amauri Da Silva - Lone Star Circus - North Texas Kids

Forever brings so much budding talent to the stage as well. It’s wonderful to see young artists express their creativity and passion for their craft and how these rising stars inspire children in the audience. Gitana Doyle and Emily Fassio shine in the dual Lyra act, their performance elegant and seemingly effortless. With a bit of a rock-n-roll edge, 16-year-old Liam Gilligan brought a fun and refreshing perspective to his aerial rope act. This tradition of bringing together both world-renowned circus stars and students is a cornerstone of Lone Star Circus.

Gitana Doyle and Emily Fassio - Lone Star Circus - North Texas Kids

This year marks 250 years of the modern circus. Lone Star Circus’ Forever celebrates this milestone sharing with us the beauty, joy and timeless artistry of all things Circus. Thanks to Lone Star Circus, childhood memories for us and future generations can last forever!

Remaining show times for Forever at Dallas Children’s Theater as of this writing are as follows; tickets can be purchased at

  • Saturday, December 29, 5:30 PM
  • Sunday, December 30, 1:30 PM
  • Sunday, December 30, 5:30 PM
  • Monday, December 31, 1:30 PM
  • Monday, December 31, 5:30 PM
  • Tuesday, January 1, 1:30 PM

*Arrive about 30 minutes early to enjoy pre-show festivities. Meet & greet with the stars after the show.


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