10 ways to improve your parenting skills

How to Improve Your Parenting Skills

10 Tips to Better Your Parenting Skills

Children are exposed to influences – especially technology – from all directions and parenting has never been more important. Good parenting starts with good listening and observation skills.   Below is a list of 10 ways to improve your parenting skills.

1. Parents need to remember to stay parents. Parents should not try to be a “friend.” And they’re not the police officer, either. Parents must strike a balance between being loving and forgiving and strict.

2. Parenting is an art. You really have to work hard on technique but it takes talent, too.

3. It sounds cliché but allow for plenty of quality time with your child.  The economy is creating tremendous stress on families. Many cannot afford a vacation. But all parents need to spend time with their children one-on-one.

4. An active lifestyle matters. Children need adequate stimulation for mood regulation. Children who are active, riding bikes, running, for example, are less hyperactive and less likely to present with oppositional behavior.

5. Good nutrition and sleep make a difference. Appropriate nutrition and exercise, a good sleep schedule and a basic, healthy lifestyle, can definitely influence a child’s outlook to a huge degree.

6. Set clear expectations. Give boundaries to your child and be consistent about the limits you establish.

7. Do not ignore misbehavior. Let him know what is a better way to behave the next time.

8. Provide a safe and predictable environment at home. The best response a parent can have toward a child who has been through a traumatic event is to stay calm and reassuring. It is an important part of healing process.

9. Don’t wait to ask for help. Turn to someone you trust. A friend. Your church. Your family.

10. Remember, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, to a certain extent, there still is a stigma associated with needing help but we all need a way to cope with life’s circumstances.  Don’t feel alone. Don’t deal with problems in isolation.


Dr. Snieguole Radzeviciene “Dr. R.” received her medical training in her homeland of Lithuania, and completed her post-graduate work at the University of Florida in adult psychiatry in 2003, and child psychiatry in 2005. She is board certified in adult and child psychiatry



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