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Stretchin’ Dollars & Spendin’ Sense

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Adopting a Saving & Savvy Spending Mindset


By Tina Ferguson, a.k.a. The Queen of Dreams

Ever wonder how Oprah became O-prah? Or how Martha became Mar-tha? That same chutzpah that put these two ladies on the map can be the same force you can harness to put your finances in the black. Two words describe that force – determination and drive.

One of the most important things we can do to adopt a ‘proper’ mindset around spending less and saving more is to actually embrace what these things stand for. Now we aren’t talking about you saying to yourself you feel just *ducky* about using Brand X mascara all the while you are pining for your Brand Name tube of lash love. No, no, no. We plan to live charmed lives, and that means you live life like you mean it.

There are three things we need to do first.

1. Unravel associations to spending as ‘cool,’ ‘making you feel worthy,’ or ‘any other some such thing that isn’t serving you.’ Ever since you were knee high to a grasshopper, marketers have been layering seed upon seed into your mind that this product is really going to change your life. If you spend just $19.95 TODAY, then by TOMORROW, your life will be different. Nothing harder than just kissing the frog and *POOF* all your woes will be gone! To unravel associations, think about buying something, and then notice what you think it really means. For instance, what does the thing you are buying represent? Most people only have a few associations, so we aren’t talking brain surgery here, just notice what bubbles up from that gorgeous head of yours.

2. Create NEW associations that serve you, your family, and your checkbook. Quick, think about saving and cutting back. How do you feel? Ah, yes, just as I suspected. If you are like most people…your response will land somewhere between deprived and depressed. No worries. This is what you do. Think about what you REALLY want. Maybe it is more freedom. Maybe it is to stay home with the kids. Maybe it is more adventure (a.k.a. travel). Then, tie saving to what you REALLY want. Each time you think of spending, ask if you want the product more than what you REALLY want.

3. Finally, a word about commitment. Now, I’m bringing out the Queen Mother (possibly sounding like your own mother). No one else is going to help you live the charmed life you want. If you want more riches, more money, more wealth, then you will need to make money a priority. Harsh sounding? Perhaps. True? Completely. The more you mind the dollars, the more dollars you will find. Commit to your wealth!

With these simple tools, soon you’ll have an unstoppable saving and savvy spending mindset. It’s easier than you think. Just start simply by asking yourself what you will get from spending, and what you gain by not putting forth the effort  to save. Soon, you’ll know who is running your money show. And, If anyone can break free from money prison, it’s you!

Tina Ferguson, a.k.a., The Queen of Dreams, is CEO of Rapid Success Partners. She is an award-winning author and business strategist who has assisted individuals and business owners to accelerate wealth creation. She loves to ignite the fire inside of people to do what they dream of and to serve others in the process. For more information about Tina visit 


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