Thanksgiving Craft for Kids: A Gratitude Tree

Thanksgiving Craft for Kids: A Gratitude Tree

Thanksgiving Craft for Kids: A Gratitude Tree


A gratitude tree is the perfect way to express what you are thankful for. Have the kids help by cutting out the leaves. You can either use a picture of a tree like shown below or use some branches and make a small tree with them. 

How to make the Gratitude Tree:

  1. Start with a piece of poster board. Draw a tree outline on the poster board, let your kids color it. Thanksgiving Craft for Kids
  2. You can use construction paper to cut out the leaves or have the kids color leaves you cut out with plain paper.make a gratitude tree
  3. Use the attached leaf templates to make the leaves. Just click on the image to open a new file and save the image for printing. I chose to use oak leaves for my tree but mix them up, the template also has a maple leaf and an elm leaf! This is a special tree, you can use all different types of fall leaf templatemaple leaf template
  4. Use a black marker to write who or what you are grateful for on the leaf. fall craft for kids
  5. Attach the leaf with double stick tape or a glue stick.
  6. Have fun! Use the opportunity to talk to your kids about how important gratitude is year round.
  7. Hang the tree somewhere in your home where everyone can see it daily.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.



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