How Many Summers do You Have Left to Spend With Your Kids?

by Samantha Conner

As I was browsing around through my blog list the other day, catching up on craft ideas and home décor trends, I saw something that stopped me in my tracks. The blogger, known as The Nester, posed a simple question. “How many summers do you have left?”

Hmmm, how many summers does one have? Well for a summer to truly be a summer, kids must be involved. So I counted. My oldest daughter will be starting first grade in August. So with her, I will have 12 summers before she leaves home to go to college. And for my little one, well we still have a lot together, but when I counted, it came to 15.

When you count something, from start to end, it seems a little sad.  Because you see a definite end in sight. An end to something that seems like it should be endless. I will only get to plan beach vacations, camps, and lazy days by the pool about 15 more times. I will only get to take them in PJs to get donuts 15 more times.  Only 15 more times and then the days of summer reading at the library are over. After that, my girls will outgrow our little summer activities. Then they will be off at college pursuing jobs, classes, and probably boyfriends.

But then it dawned on me, the best thing about knowing there will be an end, is that is makes you appreciate the here and now.

And here and now, with this hot weather and these long days, I need a reminder that these are the good times. These are the times that we will talk about long after they are gone. These are the times that will be permanently etched in my mind. My girls, little together. Summer days when those two long legged girls scramble in our bed early in the morning, giggling and smiling. These are the days when they proudly wear their princess dresses for early morning walks around the neighborhood. These are the days when they would rather be home playing with mom and dad, then off with friends. And if I only have 15 or so of these summers left, then I want to cherish each one.

Because time does go by too quickly. And there is nothing more special than those brief years when everyone is living together under one roof.

How many summers do you have left?

Samantha Conner: In my “past life” I earned a degree in Education at TCU and taught elementary school. But these days, I am working as a super stay-at-home-mom with a serious craft addiction. During naptime, I am an avid blogger, runner, and nester. My blog is the place where I chronicle my journey in homemaking and sell my fabulous handmade bows, tutus, and hair accessories. Follow my crafting journey at





  1. Samantha, I LOVED this post. I was working on a plan for my business last year with a friend and she asked me a similar question. I realized I only have 5 years left with my son, who will be in 8th grade this year. It made me refocus what I want to do with my life and how I want to spend more time with my family and less time working. Those 5 years will fly by and I want to appreciate every single one. Thanks for this beautiful reminder to take our time to enjoy NOW.

    • Thanks Minette! I agree, time with our kiddos goes by way too quickly. You can’t go wrong with focusing more time on family.

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