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Lunch Box Ideas for School

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20 lunch box ideas

20 Creative Lunch Box Ideas

Not every child loves the traditional sandwich for lunch.  There is no doubt that every child is different and enjoys his or her favorite foods. When it comes to school lunches, make a commitment to ensure your kids have enough healthy food in their lunch box to keep them fueled and energetic throughout their day.

Yes, it can be tiring making lunches every morning or even at night before bed. Having some fun new lunch box ideas keeps it interesting and, hopefully, easy for you to send your child to school with a nutritious lunch.

If you find a few different meals your kids like, it’s okay to send the same things over again. You are less likely to have a full lunch box come back home again at the end of the day if you take the time to fill it with nourishing, tasty food your kids love.

Another way to get kids to eat the food you so lovingly prepare, is to let them choose what goes in their lunch box. Let them help shop, make the menus and pack their lunches. You’d be amazed what a dif­ference this makes!

Don’t be afraid to feed your kids leftovers! Find a good thermos or two and they can have a healthy hot lunch. It’s so easy to make extra soup, chili or pasta dishes so you will have leftovers.

Always include a healthy drink: either water or juice with no sugar added are good choices

Here are 20 ideas  to fill your kids’ lunch box.

For the Non-Sandwich Lover

Snacks that kids love can be put together to make a lunch box meal with lots of variety.

1. Apples and Cheese

sliced apples sprinkled with a bit of lemon juice to keep the apples from browning

cheese cubes

baked pretzel crisps

carrot or celery sticks

2. Fruit and Veggies

baby carrots and Ranch dressing

two mozzarella string cheese sticks

sliced strawberries

Annie’s organic snack mix or natural Cheetos

3. Hummus and Pita Chips

homemade or store bought hummus

sea salt flavored baked pita chips

sliced red peppers or celery sticks

kiwi fruit slices or cantaloupe cubes

4. Chips and Cream Cheese

whipped cream cheese

veggie chips

cubes of turkey or ham

seedless red grapes or peach slices

5. Mac-n-Cheese

homemade mac-n-cheese in a mini thermos (whole grain pasta with homemade cheese sauce) or try Annie’s Brand

sliced strawberries mixed with blue berries, or tangerine slices

small green salad with lettuce and cherry tomatoes

organic chocolate sandwich cookies (2-3)

6. Pasta in Tomato Sauce

Homemade is better. Annie’s is a great choice – 1/2 a can of All Stars, BernieO’s, or P’sghetti Loops in a mini thermos

apple slices


7. Chicken Noodle Soup

Homemade is best!

Whole Grain Crackers

Apple slices or grapes

organic juice or water

8. Hard-boiled Eggs

Carrots and Ranch dressing

Goldfish or other crackers

Fresh berries

9. Chicken or Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps

Put one or two tablespoons of chicken or tuna salad on a leaf or butter or iceberg lettuce and roll up like a tortilla.

Baked potato chips

Orange slices

10. Homemade Turkey Chili

Corn chips or tortilla chips


Snap peas

11. The Homemade Lunchable

My kids think “Lunchables” are cool but I don’t, so we create our own at home.

Sliced ham or turkey, cut to fit on a cracker

Sliced cheese, cheddar, Swiss or Colby Jack

Whole grain crackers

Carrots and snap peas

Apple slices or fresh berries

For the Sandwich Lover!

This is a great place for the kids to get creative. Let them choose their ingredients. Make sure to use whole grain bread or tortillas. Even if your kids complain, keep trying! White bread has absolutely no nutritional value. Also try to buy nitrate free and low sodium lunch meat. Processed meats are not a healthy choice. Put a leaf of romaine or red leaf lettuce, tomato slices and avocado on your child’s sandwich, if they will eat it. Any place you can sneak in extra veggies is good!

12. Turkey and cheese sandwich

Carrot and red pepper slices

Orange slices

Tortilla chips

13. Ham and Swiss Cheese Sandwich

Snap Peas

Baked potato chips

Green grapes

14. Roast Beef Sandwich

French green beans, raw

Guacamole and chips


15. Peanut Butter Sandwich

(be aware of peanut allergies in your child’s classroom)

crunchy natural peanut butter

with organic strawberry preserves or banana slices

seedless red grapes or sliced strawberries

natural Cheetos or other baked chips

Tortilla Roll-ups are a Great Sandwich Alternative

These work best with a thin shmear of cream cheese or hummus to help moisten the tortilla. Here are some sugges­tions for fillings:

16. Refried beans and grated Monterrey Jack Cheese

Add a little salsa to the cream cheese for extra flavor along with some shredded lettuce

Tortilla chips and mild salsa or guacamole

Celery sticks and cherry tomatoes

Red grapes

17. Pesto cream cheese with turkey slices and Provolone

Small Caesar salad

Apple Slices

18. Hummus Salad Wrap with lettuce, tomato and Swiss Cheese

Baked chips

Carrot sticks


Mediterranean Wraps or Pita Pockets are also great sandwich alternatives.

19. Grilled chicken strips and cheese with shredded lettuce

French green beans, raw with Ranch dressing

Veggie chips

Fresh melon

20. Left over slices of steak with lettuce, tomato and avocado slices.

Sweet Potato chips

Cheese Stick

Green grapes


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